A team of researchers led by Emily Falk, associate professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Faculty Affiliate of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative discovered a new way to help predict the success of public health campaigns using neural responses.

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Given the choice between receiving $20 immediately or $40 a month from now, which would you pick? A new study from Joseph Kable’s lab finds that people who have imaginations with more vivid details are less likely to delay gratification.

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A team of researchers led by Coren Apicella, assistant professor of psychology and faculty affiliate of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative find that a woman is less likely to choose competition than a man, even when she performs equally well, unless competing with herself for a better outcome.

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A team of researchers including Wharton Neuroscience faculty affiliates Gideon Nave and Colin Camerer find that testosterone supplements may impair men’s decision making.  This work will be published in Psychological Science and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and Newsweek.

The Penn Current features the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and the deliberate mash-up of neuroscience and business.

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Penn Medicine Magazine features new PIK Professor and WiN Faculty Affiliate, Konrad Kording, and his ability to apply data science to provide new insights into complex systems, uncertainty, and precision.

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Donors tend to act more on emotion than rationality when choosing organizations to support. Marketing professor and Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Faculty Affiliate, Deborah Small, discusses why this is so on a Knowledge@Wharton podcast.

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In a new Scientific American blog article, Wharton Neuroscience Faculty Affiliate, Emily Falk, and WiN Director, Michael Platt, explain how the “function of your social brain network is tied to the shape of your social network.”

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Marketing professor and Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Faculty Affiliate, Gideon Nave, discusses his study that explores the link between music and personality traits, and how companies could look at their customers’ online playlists to potentially tailor product offerings.

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Pursuing a joint degree in marketing and psychology, doctoral student Arthur Lee has also plugged in to a “rare network” that bridges neuroscience and business through Wharton’s Neuroscience Initiative.

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