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The WiN Membership Program applies the resources of our faculty and students to the real needs and challenges of government, NGOs, industry, foundations, and corporations to create real impact and translate research discoveries into on-the-ground business solutions. Learn more about our partnership benefits.

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AIIR Consulting is a business psychology consulting firm dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of leaders globally through executive coaching, leadership development, and team effectiveness.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, pioneered The AIIR® Method, a four-phased process for creating sustained behavioral change through Assessment, Insight, Implementation, and Reinforcement.

AIIR Consulting combines evidence-based techniques, proprietary tools, and innovative coaching technology, empowering leaders to drive incredible business results.

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Amplio’s mission is to help people unlock their full potential. Amplio has pioneered technology that augments human reasoning with AI to deliver personalized recommendations and programs.

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