Episode 2

Wharton Neuroscience Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Trust

This series focuses on vulnerability, authenticity, and trust in individual, team, and organizational performance from diverse perspectives, including neuroscience and human behavior.


  • Luke Carlin, Catching Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians/Cleveland Guardian
  • Matthew Hoffman, Senior Team Leader, FBI Miami SWAT
  • Susan Sweeney, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer for EnPro Industries Inc.


  • Leila Entezam, Human Behavior, DE&I, and EQ Thought Leader, Coach, and Speaker
  • Elizabeth “Zab” Johnson, Executive Director & Senior Fellow Wharton Neuroscience
  • Michael Platt, James S. Riepe University Professor of Marketing, Neuroscience, and Psychology, Faculty Director, Wharton Neuroscience