Partnership Opportunities

Building Better Business through Brain Science

Your support fuels our upcoming research initiatives, empowering WiN’s mission to educate future innovators¬†at the nexus of brain and decision sciences; create novel applications for our research across business and policy; recruit talent to continue enhancing the research and applied science at WiN; and connect WiN to a community of researchers, alumni, business, government, and the public.

Starts at $150,000

Research Partners enjoy all the benefits of the Thought Leadership Partnership, plus:

  • Student or faculty research
  • One or two-year partnership, depending on the scope of project
  • Two student projects or one faculty project

Starts at $50,000

Thought Leadership Partners enjoy all the benefits of the Wharton Neuroscience Partnership, plus:

  • Short-term collaborative projects that aim to inform practice and/or the public at large
  • Use research and findings on short-term projects to collaborate on TL articles for internal/external media outlets to serve the community of practitioners and/or the public-at-large
  • Share insights and TL generated from the short-term project with your organization and stakeholders via informal discussions and/or formal presentations/webinars

Starts at $25,000

Wharton Neuroscience Partners enjoy the following benefits:

  • WiN Annual Summit sponsorship at the Elite Level (see below for Event Sponsorship Details)
  • Co-branding opportunities, including being listed as a Partner on the WiN website
  • Exclusive access to WiN’s flagship events, including annual conferences, VIP dinners, and receptions
  • Attend WiN Annual Friends & Partners Meeting and network with other WiN corporate partners
  • Direct access to cutting-edge neuroscience research findings at the Wharton School
  • Opportunities to speak at student networking events and recruit top WiN students
  • Network with corporations, faculty, and students working on research projects

Event Sponsorship

Establish your presence and enjoy event-specific perks at one of our many Analytics at Wharton conferences and seminars, comprised of seven programs, including AI at Wharton, Computational Social Science for Business, Penn Wharton Budget Model, People Analytics, Wharton Neuroscience, Wharton Research Data Services, and Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative, all united under the fundamental core value of using analytics to create impact.

Ultimate $40,000Premier $20,000Elite $10,000
Conferences SponsoredAll21
Conference Tickets8 (limit 4 for People Analytics Conference)4 (limit 3 for People Analytics Conference)4 (limit 2 for People Analytics Conference)
Promotional Area for Company at Conferences2 Conferences1 Conference1 Conference
Invitations to VIP experience4 (limit 2 spots per event)2-
Logo prominently displayed on event websiteYesYesYes
Logo displayed on screens throughout eventYesYesYes
Logo included in event email marketingYes--

Wharton AI Symposiums

AI at Wharton invites researchers, industry professionals, and academics from diverse disciplines to engage in discussions and knowledge sharing on the impact of generative AI on business models, industries, and global economies.

Women in Data Science @ Penn

A celebrated interdisciplinary event, WiDS @ Penn welcomes academic, industry, and student speakers from across the data science landscape to celebrate its diversity, both in subject matter and personnel.

Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Summit

This annual event aims to explore how academia, organizations, and businesses, as well as government agencies, can best invest in brain capital to maximize cognitive, social, and emotional health and performance.

Wharton People Analytics Conference

This two-day conference brings together thought leaders and decision-makers in the field of people analytics for the premier event within the people analytics community.

Wharton Sports Business Summit

This annual event features keynote presentations, enlightening lunch-and-learn discussions, and valuable networking opportunities with experts in the sports business realm. The Summit draws a diverse audience, including students, academics, and industry professionals.